(QUIZ) What does your favourite flower say about you?


You have a tendency to be nostalgic and like to romanticize the past. You’re adaptable to any situation and don’t try to take things too seriously.
(QUIZ) What does your favourite flower say about you?

You got: Nostalgic


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  • Wasn't sure which to pick, as I have several
    favorites, some of them weren't even there.

    But from Lilies
    You got: Kind

    You’re kind and caring! You love helping and caring for others and you have a paternal side. You take pride in your achievements and are well-respected by your peers. You also have a great sense of style.

    You got: Delicate

    You can be moody and emotional, and you’re nothing short of sensitive. But the beauty of being very in-tune with your feelings is knowing what you like and what you don’t like.

    And lastly, Rose
    You got: Traditional and Romantic

    You strive for perfection in everything you do and you try to bring out the best in others. Some may call you old-fashioned, but you just know perfection when you see it.

    Sorry for breaking the rules
    and picking more than one. ^.~


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  • You got: Caring

    You have a heart of gold! You love surprising people and making their day better. You’re also a superb listener and a caring person. You also have a great sense of style that others admire.

    I wouldn't.. Say that. lol


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