I have no idea how to look after my hair?

It's constantly dull and frizzy and matted I have no idea what to do with it. It is quite long though and I am lucky not to have any breakage yet. How do I make it beautiful again?


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  • Oils help. Don't blow dry your hair, let it air dry.

    Use an all-natural moisturizing shampoo made for dry hair. Avoid harsh or chemical-filled products, which can strip hair of natural oils. To thicken fine, dry hair, use a volumizing shampoo that contains natural ingredients such as crustacean shell extract, shea butter, wheat micro-proteins or honey. Shampoo dry, fine hair no more than twice a week.

    Apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner after shampooing, putting it sparingly on the roots but lavishly on the ends. The goal is to moisturize the driest parts of your hair while avoiding over-conditioning, which can weigh fine hair down. Use the conditioner even on days you do not shampoo; simply rinse your hair and apply.

    Use a commercial hot oil treatment every week to nourish and hydrate dry hair. Alternately, you can use olive oil. Warm up the oil. Massage it into your hair and scalp, covering with a hot towel for half an hour, then shampooing it out.

    Don't use heavy gels when styling fine hair; these can weigh hair down, causing it to look limp and matted. Spray gels and mousses are a better bet.

    To moisturize dry hair, rub three drops of safflower oil into hair, starting at the ends.
    Take a vacation from chemical coloring, perms, rough handling, and heat styling -- including blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons -- while your hair is dry and damaged.

    Protect your hair from harsh weather and drying sun by wearing a hat in winter and sunscreen formulated for hair in the summer.


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  • Make sure you are using separate shampoo and conditioner. Also, make sure you aren't straightening your hair, as it damages it. If you have wavy or curly hair, embrace it. There are other things you can do to make it look better. Now to repair the damage you already did, use keratin treatment shampoo. Use it every night (for faster results) but use a very small amount. About quarter sized. Also, you should try coconut oil hair products to make it smoother and more oily, but if you have acne problems, be careful to keep it off your face. Use about twice as much conditioner as you do shampoo.

    Use your products in this order:
    First the coconut oil product. Let it set in your hair for at least a few minutes. You can leave it in while you put on your body wash (that's what i do).
    Then put in the shampoo.
    Then the conditioner (since shampoo tangles your hair, and conditioner smooths it out).
    Rinse it with lukewarm (or even better - cold) water before getting out of the shower.

    Also, if you aren't already, take night showers. That way your hair will be less frizzy the next morning before you go out. Wet your hair with cold water under the sink, then wring it out (non forcefully) with an old cotton t-shirt. Then brush your hair with a flat brush, followed by a comb (narrow toothed for thin hair, wide toothed for thick hair). Them use a boar quil brush to distribute the oils throughout your hair (making it look more shiny). Then if you wish to give it more body, use something to tease it with in the areas you want it to stick out more.

    If you want some tips on how to make the best out of your specific type of hair you have, then you'll have to tell me what your hair type is.

    Thin and straight?
    Thick and straight?
    Thin and wavy?
    Thick and wavy?
    Thin and curly?
    Thick and curly?

    • Thin and straight

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    • Haha, okay. But it's cool you know how to look after it though

    • @Fieflyver Thanks, i try 😊

  • Try changing your shampoo and conditioner. If that doesn't work there is an old remedy that my grand ma used. Take three eggs and break than in a large mixing bowl and beat well , pour in a can of beer and mix together and use it as a soak for ten minutes then wash it as usual

  • Look for videos on youtube


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  • It sounds like it's really dried out. I would have it trimmed and then switch to a decent brand of shampoo and conditioner. You can get a liter of shampoo and a liter of conditioner for only $35 at smart style salons rn. Ask the stylist if they suggest any particular brands. Ban de terre (or whatever) and biologe are both good hydrators. Then you need to let the conditioner soak for at least 5 minutes when you wash your hair. If you can cut down on washing it that will probably help as well.

    After you get out of the shower you need to let it air dry or wrap it so that it has to deal with less friction. You can also buy an anti frizz serum. It will help with the fizz and work as a laminat to protect your hair from heat if you style it with tools. Try to a avoid using a blow dryer since that will also make it drier and frizzier. Good luck!

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  • Go get a hair cut, tell them you want to get rid of all the damage, then invest in a quality hair conditioner.

  • Try changing shampoo and conditioner. Also use a hair mask. I do it sometimes and notice a difference. I'm kinda lazy though so I don't use it much but if I did my hair probably would be much more better. Also try getting leave in creams, those work wonders on frizzy hair. You can also use hair oil although I don't use them because it makes my hair look oily

  • Let it grow (get regular trims) and deep condition...

  • Mane n Tail detangler, you can buy it from amazon.

  • i would first start with a great leave-in conditioner.
    i might also try not blow drying your hair or using heat styling tools (and when you do, use a thermal protectant)

  • With your hair type I would think a flat iron could help? and some oils...