Any tips to style short hair?

I just got my hair cut today and after abit of restyling with wax, I managed to make it look slightly better.
But like in most cases, the hairstyle didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to be,
so could you give me some tips for easy ways to style this hair? Or recommend a cut that I can do that will look better?

v Here are some pics! (It looks worse behind camera tho)

Any tips to style short hair?

Please help me.


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  • i think using mousse will make it look better than wax. usually the haircuts dont look too nice at first but it get better with time.


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  • Go shorter! Choppy bangs and the ear cut to shape your ear looks really nice, and looks really good when shaped with wax! You get fullness and texture without it looking like you just have your hair pulled back

  • I think it is a really cute, flattering style. If you want, you can use a flat iron to make the front bang sweepy and the back curled inward. It looks fine as is though.