Light issues?

Why is it that in some lights (day, lamp, bedroom) we look hot and then not so hot in others?

Say for instance night light, I think I am way hotter than in day light, kinda like Twilight haha.

So does anybody ever really know what they look like?


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  • Not very simple to explain: it's a matter of colour temperature, which is influenced by the wavelength of the emitted and reflected light. Colour temperature is measured in degree K (Kelvin) The lower the colour temperature, the hotter (pinkish, reddish) one will seem, the higher it is, the more bluish , cold one will seem. If one overdoes it then it gets ugly.

    Bridal dresses will be traditionally white, suggesting purity.

    The ill-famed "red light districts" use red or reddish (mauve) light, suggesting, guess what. ;)

    Read more about it here: link and here: link

    A bit more : link

  • Update: So does anybody ever really know what they look like?


    Open the curtains and let the sun enter XD