(Girls) Why would people say this?

Well I'm a straight guy but ever since I've been paying more attention to how I look some people ask me if I'm gay. Hell I take care of myself pretty well. I work out often. I take care of my skin and use moisturizer morning and night. I shape my eyebrows a little, but I don't really care what some people say because it makes my appearance neater. Also I've had some people ask If I'm gay just by looking at my clothes. Sometimes I'll wear slacks and a dress shirt or jeans and a t-shirt, but I always dress well. But I'm a masculine guy so what gives? I don't joke around about being gay or do anything to make people assume I might be. Now days does paying attention to grooming and style make you gay?


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  • baby, girls are stupid when it comes to stuff like that. your not gay for wanting to take care of yourself. take pride in what you do and make people realize you are just keeping yourself groomed and looking nice. there isn't anything wrong with that.

  • I would say you are not gay... it's just that its weird for a guy to pay so much attention to their appearance. If I were you I would not care what those people say, I like guys who can dress up, actually care how they look like, not just get up in the morning and find something to wear. Do you tell people that you care about your appearance? Because if you have maybe that's why, like don't tell them you shape your eyebrows, guys don't share that info with everyone, like apparently you guys are supposed to be tough and stuff. But if you haven't then I don't know why. Don't worry about what other people think.


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