What do guys like in a girl?

What makes a girl attractive? Looks? What do you like a girl to know? Shopping? Make-up? OR Cars? Sports? What about music?

Personality? What about clothing style?


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  • um (not in a shallow way) but cute, like I cudnt date sum1 that's overweight, I wudnt mind that much but its just not a healthy lifestyle choice, um not overly on the makeup but like at least a little touching up, my ex was into cars and I loved that, at least a little sporty, maybe a girl that likes rock or rap, my ex liked country and I didn't mind but I hate country, personality wise sum1 that can make me laugh and is fun to b around, and clothing style probly trendy


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  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. What I like in a girl is passion. Someone that wants to be with me as a kid does a roller coaster. Loyalty, she would hack off her own hands then cheat on me. Trust, I ask her to do whatever I don't have to play 20 questions, she knows I would not do anything that would cause her harm. Spontaneity and adventure, someone who is open and capable to doing something wild and daring unexpected. Witty, who can laugh at a bad situation or herself and not take it too seriously. Open-minded outside-the-box thinker, who can think larger than the usual BS fed to the masses. Slightly kinky, would get highly frisky to tacitly naughty on a empty commute train or dark near empty theater. Confidence to rock a mini, Daisy Dukes or anything else and own it. Compassion, someone who thinks of those less fortunate. Temperance, someone who is not combative or quarrelsome. Someone who shares the same interest, hobbies etc. Someone I can converse with and not have to carry the conversation or dumb it down.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • me.

  • i like girly girls


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