Girls, Why many girls wear the wrong size bra?

It is planty of comments on the net saying that too many girls are wearing the wrong size bra, but why does it happen? Is it just complicated to know your measures to buy the correct bra? Or is it something else?


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  • Because the way bra stores measure is stupid and bras are ridiculously subjective. You can go to 5 different stores and get 5 different sizes and within that store you won't fit in all of the same size bra. Like one brand does one size and another brand does a different size. You have to try them on EVERY TIME. And then you don't know how the bra will wear.

    Some bras can be worn all week and be great for years. Other bras can only be worn for 3 days and will only keep their shape a few months. It's insanely difficult.


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  • i have no idea. like how hard is it to know ur shirt size in addition to trying out a few cups to see which one ur boobs fill best?

  • They don't know their size or how they're meant to fit