Guys or girls girls what do you think about guys wearing girl clothes? And guys what do you think of girls wearing guy clothes?

I don't mind it if girls wear guy clothes and I also don't mind it if guys wear girl clothes. Why because we are in a new life wear anything is accepted. So why not be you and wear what you like and please don't say it gay because that not what gay is. So what do you think and pics if you like.


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  • I don't care what guys want to wear. If guys want to wear skirts or dresses, then I can't see how it's a bad thing, so I support them doing it. Clothing doesn't dictate who a person is, what their personality is like, or their sexuality, so I don't think that people who say it's gay understand what gay means :P Besides, I wear guy's t-shirts a lot, and hardly anyone would have a problem with me doing it, the double standards are unreal :P


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  • honestly... i don't give a damn about it.

    people r free to wear wotever they want... if a guy wants to wear high-heels and mini-skirt in public... FINE

    if a gal wants to wear a businessman suit in public... FINE again



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  • I've never seen guys wearing girl clothes unless they are gay or transsexual? Which is fine


What Guys Said 2

  • Girls wearing guys shirts and nothing else is ALWAYS hot.

  • I don't sleep at night because of this... Lol jk honestly I don't care so long as they're not assholes