How you ever thought that something was cute about your ex that would be considered weird by society?

Like, you thought it was cute when he picked his nose? or you thought it was cute when she sang out of tune to her favorite song? please do spare all the details.

Personally, I used to think it was so cute when my ex pouted.


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  • I used to date a girl in high school who had very unusual legs. She was a bit on the thick side, but not fat ot our of shape. They looked smoth and normal when she was relaxed but with just a simple flex/tense, they would turn into like bodybuilder legs showing all kinds of definition. She said it grossed out most people who saw her do it but I thought it was HOT.


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  • I thought it to be quite adorable that she was always very adamant about the 'fact' women do not poop o.O I don't know why she was, it wasn't like she was an extreme 'lady-like' girl. She just had certain hangups about people knowing certain things about her I guess.

    • Lol that's wierd.

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    • Haha that's interesting, she sounds....sarcastic :D

    • Yes! That's one of the reasons we got along so well and I loved her so. We could both play off each others desire and need to be a sarcastic (_|_) at all times lol

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  • When you're first in a relationship, almost everything they do could strike you as "cute" or "charming". As time wears on, tho, some of those things you used to find so adorable somehow turn really annoying. Things are exciting and new when the relationship is new. That's all there is to it.

    • Well, some things never got old for me, even over the years I always though there were certain cute actions. Everyone has something actions wise that they will always think is cute about a person.

  • I always thought it was really cute when I confused my ex. He always made this really cute face when he got confused.