Why is it like that? Please give clear answer to my query.. not a funny question?

I am actually just below 20 years of age doing B. Tech course. Our college has uniform. We girls have blue pants and shirt with overcoat reaching waist region hardly. I wear the pants some what close fitting as part of style actually eventhough I can't sit on floor wearing them. The problem is the usage of pockets. I usually walk with both hands stuffed inside front pockets just to warm my hands. My mom doesn't like this and she tells girls should not put hands inside pants pocket. Is there any problem with that?


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  • Of course not? If you wanna put hands in your pocket then that's your deal. I'm not sure why she'd take such an offense.


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  • the pants are too tight/not good material.

    • The material is not so bad. But it is tight enough and for the second Year I am weraing the same pants after some alterations. But why the pockets popping out on second day?


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  • Pockets are there for a reason, either to hold stuff or warm your hands. I fail to see your moms reasoning.

  • Well I don't think so there is a problem with putting hands in pockets. Even it looks good on girl.. :)


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