Girls, Why does my makeup look different in certain lighting?

My foundation always looks orange in the sun and bright lighting and during the night or in dim lighting and not so bright lighting and at night, my foundation looks perfect. I am using the right shade and my foundation looks different in certain lighting. Why is that?


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  • That means you're not getting the right undertone colour of your foundation! If you're pale normally means you have pink/blue undertone if you're tanned you normally will have yellow. You can use the right shade but wrong undertone x


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  • It's like that, i'm dark skin and mine does that too, it's just that you buy the makeup that chages colour, like from bright to dark. My makeup was like that, when I apply it, it looks fabulous, but when I'm in the sun it turn like orange. So what you have to do is not to apply much, and mix it with a lighter founfation, that's what I do, and it works.
    Hope I help you, :D

  • My foundation looks orange in my house but in sunlight it looks like it should. I guess it depends on the lighting?