Guys, Do you like sloppy girls in the clothes department or girls who at least?

like to take care of themselves? I dont mean the girl needs to wear super fancy and luxurious clothes, it could be simple clothes but the girl likes to look presentable.

I have heard many opinions about it. Some guys give a ratz about the way a woman looks, others care a bit that they look presentable.

I know looks are not the number 1 priority and what it is most important is the inner beauty and personality but I do believe a lady needs always to look presentable to men women, to everyone, in some way, that her image looks ok, even wearing the simplest of clothes but not to she cannot afford just a few minutes of her time to look a bit presentable and not look like a bumb.

For girls: As a woman what do you think of it?


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  • I think a lot of things around looks and clothes are subconcious - I don't think I would mind what look she was wearing as long as it was clean/well maintained and appropriate.


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  • If the girl makes an effort and takes care of herself, then odds are that she is going to look aesthetically appealing to men.


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  • Cheaper but nice


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