Tips to stand out with this dress?

I have to attend a wedding in the morning and the dress code is white and I'm going to wear this dress and probably these earrings (but mine are a little shorter and the color is royal blue). What do you guys think? What lipstick should I wear with those? I want to stand out with that very simple dress. Any other ideas? Thanks.

I'm about NC 35-37 in MAC or medium skin tone.


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  • I would go for light make up shades like dress model in pic


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  • 1) dark red lipstick (crimson/burgandy)
    2) a cluth purse that matches or has the same color scheme/combo as your earrings
    3) Pumps/heels

    in my opinion, white dresses are a no-no...

    Simply because they're delicate in a way that they get STAINED easily...

    • Oh and for your lipstick, make sure it's a matte color, because glossy lipstick tends to look "tacky" when you wear lots of accessories

      Try this shade:

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    • Yeah but that's the dresscode haha. I was thinking of wearing Limecrime Wicked but not sure if that will go well with my earrings

    • omg if you're sticking with the black earrings then yeahhh! :-) it'll look great with that shade!!!


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  • Wow, usually no one is allowed to wear white except the bride (traditionally) but throwing that out the window for a second, the dress and earrings are fine. I would of gone for a studded pearl earring or studded earring of any other sorts because you don't want the dress (I assume the main thing you want to stand out most) to be the highlight.

    But if that's what you want to wear cool. Lipstick colour, a peachy colour, you don't want to over do a simple, yet crisp look.

    • Lol I know. I guess the bride isn't going to wear white

    • Would be cool if she rocked up in fluro yellow or something haha

      Yeah go for the natural look. Close to nude shades of eye shadow. Nothing too much.

  • Do an updo

  • Any bright heels should do it

  • Red lipstick and red high heels!

    • Do you think that will look good with royal blue statement earrings?

    • Oh shit... Totally missed the part were it said royal blue :/

  • I think a pale pink shade would be pretty for your lips