Girl talk: What hair product can I use to style my perm hair that isn't in fluid form?

Guys can answer too, of course, if you know the answer...

So I'm flying to another country the day after tomorrow. I usually use some styling mousse for permed hair, and then just scrunch up my hair repeatedly so the waves would come out. But obviously I can't bring my mousse through airport security and buying a new one is not worth it because I'll only be there for 10 days.

Any ideas in what I can use? Something hat's quick and creates natural looking was on already permed hair? I kinda like the beachy look


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  • if you have hair that goes kinda frizzy with your perm invest in some nourishing elixr by john Frieda and ditch your mousse :) It is quite a small botel too so you can probably get that through. Why not just pack the mousse in your hold luggage? :-/

    • The bottle is too big and I've just bought it so it's New...

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    • I'll have to See if I have i'll be able to find a travel sized mousse... Or if I will have enough space in my luggage. Every thing is Kind of tight...

      Is the elixir also for styling?

    • i use it for that, i have some friends who usually use the mousse and they prefer the elixr as it separates the curls and conditions too :)


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  • Use a curl cream, lots of different types around.!slide1

  • Well there are these things called flexi rods bu they're not quick, you have to leave them in for like 5+ hours

  • Do they not even allow styling mousse / hair spray in check-in luggage anymore? O_O

    • Nope. I only Carry cabin. No Aerosols or the Kind allowed

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    • I'm glad you found a solution :)
      I'm not familiar with the brand.. do they make mousse bottles without aerosol?

    • No irea. The "Tony" was a typo for tiny lol had the Herman autocorrect on.