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Do girls like men with shaved legs and arms?

Maybe it is more appealing for women to like a smoother counter-part.

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  • if a guy wants to shave their legs, then I guess that's okay. like, whatever. some need to for football. I would be a bit of a surprise but its not like it can bother me I don't really feel his legs all the time. and with arms, not everyone gets hair on their arms, but it looks good with muscley arms to be smooth haha. and my ex boyfriend shaved his chest, I didn't even know I just thought it was naturally smooth lol and then when he told me I was like, um what? but who cares, really. smooth chest is always good ;)

What Guys Said 2

  • Thats sick :( Guys don't shave their legs and arms, but some other body parts Girls do like

  • Well some men MUST shave because otherwise they look like a gorila (e. g. me 😧), so it's necessary. (Started from 15 😠had even then a chest fully covered with hair)

What Girls Said 10

  • Legs and arms? Hm, that's kinda weird. If a woman should like something smooth it'd be their balls

  • Leave the hair alone!

  • Hello and I would hope so! I enjoy the feel and the act of shaving all over! What can I say? Just love me for who I am. A not so bald on top but else wear! I just wish it would last a lot longer before you have to redo the whole thing over again.

  • I don't care either way, it's a man's right to do with his body what he pleases.

    Why is it so wrong for men to shave their legs anyway?

    It's just hair and something so simple can't define who someone is, much less their sexuality.

    Women only started shaving in the last century, so it doesn't make sense to associate the removal of body hair with women when they didn't shave for thousands and thousands of years before that.

  • Guys with hairy legs is just natural and a turn on for me. Its sexy. Guy's who have no freakin' hair on their legs might as well go and turn on other guys. Not girls.

  • Ewwww no way. If a guy does that he is definitely gay!

    • What in the world does that have to do with being gay?

    • He could be a swimmer...

    • I shave my whole body except for my head I also wear spandex it feels better if your shaved plus I do ride bicycles and I'm not gay

  • Guys should not shave their legs and arms, but they definitely should wax their chests and package in my opinion. I find chest hair completely disgusting, but some women do like it for some reason that I really can't figure out.

  • Hairy legs on a guy looks more natural.

    • More natural? Like, that's the way nature made men? If that were the case and it were natural for women to not have hairy legs, they would not need to shave. The "natural" look on guys is "natural" on women too, but Society tells men to remain hairy and women to remove it. What about asians who have little body hair to begin with? If I didn't shave what little hair I have on my legs, it'd look like I got attacked with a lawn mower. I'd rather have totally smooth legs than hair patches.

  • No way that's too gay.

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