What is the most attractive thing a girl can do?

What is most physically attractive about a girl? and what is most attractive about her personality? How do you get him to notice her? What is the deal? lol


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  • Every guy is different in terms of what he finds physically attractive in a girl. I like a girl who's neat, clean, healthy, normal weight range, takes care of herself. If she puts a little extra effort into her appearance, like doing her hair a special way, or wearing some cool clothes, I notice and appreciate that. In terms of personality, I love a girl who's easygoing, intelligent, natural and easy to talk to, but also willing to have fun and discover the world with me. A girl can get a guy to notice her by just smiling at him, working up the nerve to start a conversation with him (about anything--trust me), and showing an interest in hanging out with him and getting to know him better. Best of luck.


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  • Thats different for every guy, I've seen girls that I thought they might catch on fire because they were so hot, and then my friends think she's average.

    everyone has their own opinions

  • What one guy find attractive is subjective...Some like big breast ,some like small, some like Petite some like larger ladies..most enjoys ones that can be themselves.. Just like lady's each has their own tastes


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