Why do girls like to wear thongs?

.. as undies or swimwear?

My opinion is they like to wear them as undies because it projects the sexiness that I'm naked under my jeans, skirt, shorts or whatever. Personally I kind of like seeing fine panty lines when the clothing is tighter cause I find that sexy. As far as swimwear, even though I've only been to a couple beaches where they're allowed, I'd say it's to show off their bodies. Don't girls wear clothes for comfort anymore or to feel dressed with cute clothes that complement the body since those are some of the purposes of clothing or are they so body conscious that they think as close to looking naked is the best look for other girls or guys to see?


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  • The only time I wear thongs is if I know that if I don't, my panty line will show. And hmmm I did not know that some guys find that sexy. Interesting :P

    Thongs can be sexy looking but I don't wear them for that purpose. Thongs are on the less comfortable side when it comes to choosing between them and panties.

    As far as boy shorts go, I don't think they flatter my figure one bit.

    • Thanks. You are so right because I do find panty lines somewhat sexy sometimes. Thongs can make an extra pair of pants or jeans look great though. lol!

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    • Oh ok extra TIGHT! lol

    • You're soo funny... but your answer and comments are so cute. haha! :-)

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  • their designs can be sexy and cute but they are downright uncomfortable I prefer boyshorts or high legs

    • I definitely wouldn't wear something that was uncomfortable, especially underwear. lol!. Thanks for your response.

  • *raises hand* I wear clothes for comfort, and pick out cute clothes that complement my body type. I don't mind thongs so much as underwear, although they're not my first choice, but there is NO WAY I would go out in a thong bathing suit. I'm just, ah, not that confident in my body. And besides, swimsuits like that are simply impractical. You can't really swim very well in a suit like that, and you certainly can't dive or go into the waves at the ocean without taking the risk of exposing yourself entirely.

    But I think you have the right idea, that girls like to show off their bodies. There's the idea that guys will find it sexy if we show as much skin as humanly possible, but really, girls, do you want guys to think of you as just a sex object? Because if you attract them solely on the basis of showing off your goods, then it's gonna be harder for them to think of you in any other way. That's how I see it, anyway. And it's totally possible to look cute in a swimsuit that actually covers your bottom and your girly bits more effectively.

  • bikini underwear get bunched up in the jeans duh ;). and if were gonna wear thongs might as well buy sexy ones and make them look good.

    • So true. haha! Wait... you mean look good just to you? lol!

    • Hahahah ya I meant on me. I have a.d.d I'm pretty sure, and I'm trying to multi task not a good combo ;)

  • the inly time I wear a thong is if I am wearing tight sweat pants. but to be honest thongs are too much like a weggie hahaha sorry to be blunt but its true. I like it better to wear a sexy pair of boy shorts or bikini style...basically leaves more to the imagination if a guy ever sees it.

    • If definetely does especially if a girl is sitting and wearing a short skirt. ;:-) Thanks for your comment.

  • In my opinion, boyshorts are the way to go. I've noticed that when girls wear thongs with tight pants, the panty lines are actually worse and you can tell they're wearing a thong. I suppose if you wore bikini panties they do bunch up and its super uncomfortable but that's why I like boyshorts.

  • i wear thongs because I think they are the most comfy. While one would think they would feel like a wedgie, they actually dont. The fact that they are sexy only adds to the appeal.

    • I wouyld think they feel like a wedgie. haha! This is the first time I heard them described this way. lol! Thanks for your response.

  • i personally don't wear them, but I guess because once you get used to it it feels as it you aren't wearing any, I don't know why girls would wear them as swimwear though

    • So are you saying you don't wear them because once you get used to them it makes you feel like you're wearing nothing?

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    • Haha!

    • Yeah I more than that tho I have one that has the lyrics to the joker by the steve miller band on it

  • to look more sexy

  • I actually feel sexier in boyshorts than thongs. I have a big butt and thongs just make it look that much bigger lol. But I like wear them because its more comfortable and you don't get panty lines

    • You gave a great answer. Thanks you!

  • I would only wears my thongs as underwear never ever would I want to wear a thong bikini as my mom would just kill me lol. I likes my thongs purely for comfort and that fact they don't show panty lines under skirts and pants link

    • Thanks! Most beaches don't even allow girls to wear thongs. lol!

  • i wear thongs as undies not bathing suits! I wear them not only beause there comfy but because there cute and if I'm gonna wear them I'm at least gonna wear sexyy ones I'm not showing guys my underwear but if your looking id rather them be sexyy than having ugly underwear that hangs its just not cute or comfortable to me.

    • That makes good sense to me. At least you wear them because to you they'e totally practical. Thanks for your answer.

  • Well, I don't wear thongs because they're uncomfortable. I prefer bikini bottoms over any other type of underwear. They're super comfy and they look cute

  • soo people can see our curves :) and because panty lines are a buzz kill. I love thongs and theyre comfortable.

  • thongs are mostly the type I wear because of all the sports I play- it bugs me when underwear rides up so I guess a butt floss is better than a butt brush? haha

    but boy shorts are the greatest.

    swimwear... well I don't really like one pieces but those ironically show way more curves than two pieces, bay watch baby! and some really cool cut out types work

    but I find that every summer I usually get a two piece that is a sophisticated color (stays classy even after a few seasons) - off white, black, etc.

    and a very playful neon/pattern- which is more of a season to season sort of thing

    and I think based off of what my guy friends say about me...being comfortable in whatever is the best way to be sexy, but too a certain extent of course. like my definition of sweat pants are things like juicy clothes and lulu lemons (yoga pants). they are body sculpting but VERY comfy

    oh and based off of what the other people said about the whole wedgie thing that is totally opposite once you go through gymnastics and all. thongs are like thin air.

    PS guess who this is ;)

    • Oh mann, now you have me guessing. :-/ lol! when you said, "all the sports I play".. kinda confused me. haha! you need to give me a little hint. lol!

    • I think I know now. lol! But I asked this ages ago. Your first name starts with a K. lol!

  • I just like them(as undies). I think they're cute. I don't show my underwear to guys, so it's personal I guess. And I don't like to have panty lines. I would NEVER wear one as a bathing suit- EVER. Let's leave something to the imagination here, people.

    • I know.. I like imagination when it comes to that stuff. haha!

  • I wear thongs almost all the time, and not because I want to feel sexy. Regular (bikini)underwear has never really been comfortable on me, because it never stays where it should and I always get wedgies and it rides up a lot. When I'm hanging around at my house or a friends house I usually wear boy shorts or bikini underwear cause I don't have to worry about people seeing my fix my underwear constantly. So in public I'm almost always wearing thongs, because for me they are just way more comfortable.

    • Hello, thongs are like a 24/7 wedgie. Sure, there might not be a wedgie to pick, but whenever I wore a thong, I felt like I had a wedgie all day. So in that, I do not wear them.

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    • I wear size small thongs and size LArge boyshorts. going bigger isn't more comfortable..

    • To me thongs are way comfier than other panties. Other girls wearing them looked like they had constant wedgies and I thought that's how I'd feel. When I first wore one it surprised me how much it was like wearing nothing. Now I don't even notice after first putting one on unless I walk past a mirror. The difference between how thongs look and how it feels to wear them is amazing!

  • Sounds like you answered your own question!

    I'll keep the panty lines in mind ;]

    • Ah they like guys to see the little mound of flesh behind their legs lol.

      That is where it all happens. And frankly that is all they are worth lol.

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