Why do girls like to wear thongs?

.. as undies or swimwear? My opinion is they like to wear them as undies because it projects the sexiness that I'm naked under my jeans, skirt, shorts or whatever. Personally I kind of like seeing fine panty lines when the clothing is tighter cause I find that sexy. As far as swimwear, even though... Show More

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  • The only time I wear thongs is if I know that if I don't, my panty line will show. And hmmm I did not know that some guys find that sexy. Interesting :P

    Thongs can be sexy looking but I don't wear them for that purpose. Thongs are on the less comfortable side when it comes to choosing between them and panties.

    As far as boy shorts go, I don't think they flatter my figure one bit.

    • Thanks. You are so right because I do find panty lines somewhat sexy sometimes. Thongs can make an extra pair of pants or jeans look great though. lol!

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    • Oh ok extra TIGHT! lol

    • You're soo funny... but your answer and comments are so cute. haha! :-)