Did the girl like the look of me on the train?

When I was waiting to get on the train today (05/01/2010), we had to wait for the passengers to get off before we could board. As we were getting on the train there was a nice looking girl of about 24years old (mature for her age, mentally & physically) who glanced at me as we were queueing to get on, she was next to me so I let her on before me (being a gentleman!) and she said thanks and smiled at me.

Then I was behind her as we were taking out seats, so she sat down and I sat down opposite her & she acknowledged me. Then throughout the journey she was texting on her phone and I was looking out the window, I did catch her glancing at me a few times and when I looked round she quickly looked out of her window.

Then when she got off at her stop, she got up and smiled and gave me a good glance at before she got off and I smiled and said cheerio to her.

Did she like the look of me and should I have asked for her number/got chatting to her, she seemed friendly and pleasant enough? I am a 23 year old male.


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  • cant really tell if she liked you or was just being friendly. next time start a conversation with her and get a number. because now you will never know if she liked you or not. sometimes I see a cute guy on the train and I wished that he would speak to me and they dont. I usually just see them checking me out then they leave. you guys need to start stepping it up.


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  • You sould have talked to her or at least something.

    PS: how did you know she was mature mentally (for her age) if you haven't talked to her?


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  • You should have started a conversation with her first. Then if that went well ask for her number.