You're cute, pretty, hot, sexy?

What does it mean when guys says you're cute/pretty/hot/sexy? What do each of them mean when a guy says it


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  • Here's my take on this. Mind you that my opinion on this may not be so agreeable to others.

    Cute: you look younger than your age with a touch of "innocence"

    Pretty: polite way of saying you are beautiful.

    Hot: rate as a 9 or 10 in looks. Can also mean you look ready for sex right here and now depending on what you are wearing. Excellent body and no flaws. Nobody would reject sex with you.

    Sexy: You look great, ready for sex but not slutty or street whore. Classy yet sultry. Desirable.

    That is how I look at it. I tell young girls they are cute. Older women they are pretty/beautiful. Model type women I designate as hot, in addition to sexy. Hot women in in evening gowns or swimsuits are sexy. Escorts don't count(^_^).

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      Good clarification archer86! I hear sexy, beautiful and gorgeous a lot...