Does anyone know a brand in jeans that is very strong and doesn't wear off quickly?

I bought 2,5 weeks ago a new jeans because my previous one got a hole in it, but this new one is already starting to wear off!
I'm so sick of buying a €50 jeans and it only lasts for a month.
Notice: I bike around 18 km a day (around 12,5 miles) so I get where it comes from but I can't really change that...
I often buy a jeans from Levi's for about €90 (Levi's is much more expensive in the Netherlands...) and it often lasts 3/4 year. If I buy something more cheap like last time it lasts really short.
I also have a difficult size (26/32) with thick thights so something stretchy is likeable (even though it's less strong).
Does anyone know a strong brand in jeans that can at least last a year and not too expensive?

*For the notice I don't only wear 1 pair of jeans. I've got 3 pairs I really wear.


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  • I like getting mine from American Eagle. They're relatively inexpensive (AE always has a bunch of sales), comfortable, and durable. All the jeans I own now, I bought back in high school.

    They also have a nice variety of different styles of jeans, so you're bound to find one that fits your style.

    • I'm not sure if it's widely available in my country but I'll look online for it. Thanks!

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  • My UNIQUO has been washed for god know how many times , sauce stains , mud , rainwater , everything.
    Still going strong.
    Throw it in the wash.
    Throw it into the dryer.

    Shrinks right back to the skinny fit just as if it was new.
    You have to give it to the Japanese. They know quality.

    • Sounds great. Unfortunately I've discovered that most jeans people recommend here like Levi's commuters, American Eagle and stuff all are not in any way available in my country. Not even through international sites like Amazon. I'm afraid it's the same with Uniqlo...

  • Might find some brands in here

  • Silk Jeans is the most durable type. They are quite expensive but more bang for your buck. Designer clothe stores sells them.

  • Levi's are horrible, and people go through them like nothing... go for something strong durable and lasting wrangler or better yet carhart which is my go-to brand

  • Can you go on Ebay for the U. S. and buy American Eagle jeans they are good quality, my only concern is wearing an American brand in the Netherlands but who knows? What about H&M they are popular Worldwide they sell jeans and also belts to go with if you have waist fit issues.

    Funny to see 26/32 sizing in the US that's how they measure men's pants. I'm a 32/36 so I'm guessing your petite in waist and short. Try the jeans I mentioned.

    • I don't fit H&M jeans. I have to buy 2 sizes bigger than my waist size to fit them.
      I'm not really petite. I have muscled and very curvy legs with a small waist. Most jeans are designed as 'big legs means you're fat so you must have a big waist'. Which is not true.
      I don't really care about brands and don't know anyone who does lol.
      I honestly want to avoid belts as much as possible. I really dislike them and you can't really compose a big waist difference with a belt.
      Maybe I can find some American Eagle in a store who knows? Since I have a difficult size in jeans I would like to try it on first or at least be able to send it back. I don't have a lot of money...


    You want quality denim for cheap, you got it 😘

  • Get some Levis Commuters. They're made for biking and have 33% elastomultiester so they're pretty stretchy. I got a pair for $29 on sale at steepandcheap

  • I wear Levis to work and they get used and abused.
    Great durability and I vouch for em.

    • Levi's are not durable enough for me. Sometimes half a year or 1 year and then they get totally worn off and have holes by my inner thights.
      I think women's jeans are less durable than men's.

    • Hmmm... you might be right on the women vs men's jeans.

  • i don't think there is anything wrong with the jeans you just put in a lot of work tryout some different material pants something synthetic it maybe more flexible and durable

    • That's why I'm asking this question

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    • I still want to look sort of stylish. Adidas makes you look sleazy really fast...

    • yea i forgot in Europe you all have that weird thing with "chavs" those people who wear track suits with trousers funny how Adidas makes you look sleazy where you are from but where i come from jeans are not exactly exercise apparel i still think you should find something else to wear

  • I don't know if they have them where you're at but Levi's are a great brand of jeans.

    • Levi's don't hold long enough. They hold maybe half a year and they're about €100 a piece. Levi's for women are not as strong for men I think.

  • Do the maths €90 =4years
    €50=1 month
    I personally prefer Levi's

  • Sweetie I am inexperienced in this regard since I don't use it


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