Girls, How the hell am I supposed to curl my hair?

Yes I am able to curl my hair, but I just feel like it depends on the day whether or not my hair will actually hold a curl. I even got that evolution flat iron or whatever and the lady at the booth curled my hair amazingly with the damn thing so i bought it but it doesn't seem to be working all that well for me. My hair is very long, relatively thick and pretty damn straight. Also it gets very frizzy when i curl it (actually just all the time) I dont do a whole lot of blow drying or straightening or dying just occasionally or when I want to look nice for my boyfriend. But jeez i love how my hair looks curled and I want to do it more. I need every tip y'all got for me, cuz I am one clueless fucking chick lol


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  • i know exactly how that feels! only my prob is the lady at the salon straightened my hair so good and i do it and it looks like crap :/
    what i do is i usually have curly hair but im too lazy to curl it in the morning and it takes too long so go buy yourself some flexible curling rods and wash ur hair at night and sleep with them in the morning they will look fuckin awesome u just put ur rods in and take em out if u want bigger curls put more pieces of hair on the rods or u can pull apart the big curls to make smaller ones and then u just put argan oil or some spray in ur hair and ur all set!
    here's something like wut i use:


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  • Do you use an antifrizz serum or any sort of heat protection?

  • Use a stunning jail while your hair is wet and afterward use a strong hairspray