Girls, what do I wear to a wedding?

I want to wear a bow tie but I'm lost for colors the place mandates a tie for all men including teenagers I decided to take advantage Of the situation, since I love them on me, and wear a nice tight bow rather than a traditional tie what colors should I wear what should I partner it with Should I wear it with a pattern or more plain?


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  • I think what bow tie you wear depends on what type of shirt you wear. If you go to a suit store you can get some suggestions from the staff as to what colours compliment.

    If you are going with shirts you already own, what colours do you have? A Blue shirt and a red bowtie would be really nice. A black shirt with a white bow tie also looks nice.

    Really with a black or white shirt, you can pretty much do any colour bowtie. Keep in mind what you will be wearing with the shirt. If you choose to wear a cardigan over the dress shirt, keep in mind the colours of the tie and cardigan should compliment each other. Same goes if you wear a jacket or a vest.

    Personally, if you are wearing a solid colour shirt, I would go for a more patterned bowtie, something that will show your personality and style :)


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  • I think a white shirt and black dress pants, with the possibility of a tux top and a red bow tie would look best. It really gives off a classy look, while also giving of an attractive look. The color red not only pops, but people find others more attractive in the color red, or near a red background, than most colors.

  • what kind of wedding is it? what were you thinking of wearing with it?

    • It's at a big wedding hall it's a formal event I rlly want to wear a bow tie as opposed to a regular necktie I was thinking
      Light blue shirt
      Purple and light blue striped Bowtie done up tight and I won't take it off like lots of men take off their ties
      Black dress pants and jacket

    • sounds ok, as long as the blues match and the purple isn't too dark :)

    • I approve!

  • Wear everything black, it's classy.

    • Thank you for the advice should I maybe wear a colored bow tie to offset it like maybe a pink or purple or blue

    • I suggest a white bow tie or a red bow tie. If you wear an all black tuxedo with white or red as a pop of color, it would look so good. White goes so well with black and so does the red.

  • Whatever matches the rest of what you're going to wear and your date if you're bringing one

    • I have to match my date? I had no idea in that case since she's wearing a black and red dress I'll wear all black with a red bow tie

    • That's so hot.