Do guys like girls who dress really sexy?

OK so I was wondering if y'all like girls who dress really sexy? Ya know revealing. I dress like that just because it is my style, some people say I dress like a slut but idc so I was just wondering if you guys like girls to dress some what revealing?


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  • Revealing can be sexy depending on how far you're willing to take it. There is something to be said about moderation. For example if you're dressed in close to nothing at a fancy dinner then you're going to look out of place some guys might take issue with that. Sometimes it's quite welcome but to some guys it's intimidating. To other guys it might make them uneasy because they are worried they won't be able to keep you, or that they can't trust you because they themselves can't get it into their head that you're not a slut. Sometimes it's more important as to where and when you're dressed in skimpy clothes.

    Now in some cases like with my girlfriend it's totally understandable, she has freakishly huge breasts and it makes it hard for her to wear something that DOESN'T show off incredible cleavage, because the things that don't, usually don't quite fit properly. Blah, but anyway yes some guys like it, but some guys don't, and I just old you reasons they might not. Either way you're only 17, and that's not so bad. I figure you'll get it out of your system by 20. Do guy's like it? well chances are guys your age certainly will. So let loose and have fun with it.

  • for me revealing and sluty should be saved for the bedroom, I wouldn't like loads of guys staring up my gf's skirt and drooloing down her cleavage. but some guys get turned on when other guys perv over their gf's

  • Dressing sexy won't get a guy to think "Damn I'd really like to have a relationship with her." Dressing sexy will rather make us think, "Damn she's so f***ing hot, I want to f*** that ass."

    By dressing sexy you make yourself desirable as to having sex with. We forget about the thought of having a relationship. If you don't want guys who just desire sex, tone down the sexy.


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