Which unique dress would you rather wear?

Give your explanation :) These are real dresses!!!

And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
Oh wow... I put it under "Sexual Behavior" by accident haha


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  • i would love my girl wearing jean dress


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  • I would choose the condom dress - Think it is the most interesting.

    Why not the others
    TP dress - would get dirty so fast and the slightest bit of liquid and it would be falling apart! LOL
    Pencil dress- does look very cool but would never be able to sit down
    Jean dress - would be very hot and imagine how heavy that would be
    Chip dress - I also like the looks of this one but every step you would be making crinkling sounds and just think about sitting down.

    maybe I have over thought this question - but it was a fun question! Haha


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