Girls, Which one of those pendants (Necklaces) as a birthday present?

Hello girls and ladies out there. So I want to get a 21st birthday gift for my female best friend that I have known for ages. She likes necklaces the most. So I need your advice on the which one of those pendants would be the best along with a silver necklace. It would be appreciable if you could give me more than option that you like and arrange your options from the best. Thanks!
Girls, Which one of those pendants(Necklaces) as a birthday present ?


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  • I really like #2 the best I think its simple yet very pretty!
    Then I would say #1 If she likes apples.
    I like 10 better than 11 but Its a color preference but those are also very nice but I prefer smaller and I love things that are dainty.
    #15 is also very pretty but It reminds me of the necklace from The Titanic.
    I would avoid 3-6 I think the butterflies and flowers seem almost child like!
    No matter what It is the thought that counts! :-)
    The rest are nice but that is just my opinion!
    If you don't mind please answer my question I have posted I would appreciate it!


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  • The only one I like out of those is #2. Of course your friend may have totally different taste.

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  • I think number 15 is very pretty :)

    To arrange them, from my favourite to least favourite, um; 15, 9, 2, 12, 7, 8, 11, 10, 14, 3, 4, 1, 13

    She is very lucky to have you as her best friend :)

  • Out of the options listed, I prefer number 2.