Should I grow a beard?

Pretty much what the title says. I am in high school, 6ft 5(195 cm), 17 years old and i really want to get a beard but i think my friends will tell me.
So i am wondering what should i know before starting to grow a beard, maybe some hairstyles that fit with beards and should i grow a beard at all because i am in high school?


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  • Unless you are getting it naturally (without having to shave first), then no.

    This guy did it in our middle school, and he did not look as good anymore.

    Let it happen naturally.


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  • 1. Only grow it when you can.

    2. It's a beard and not a fashion statement. If you care too much about how it looks, let it be altogether.

    3. Conditioning is best to use the old-school way of olive oil.

    4. Start with a stubble first and let it grow to around 0,5-1 cm / 1/6 inch and trim it. Electric shavers are the best for trimming. That's the basic and from where you can go in all possible directions.

    5. Realise what you can pull off and what not. Not all beards - just like haircuts - are for everyone. That beard which might look good on someone else could look plain aweful on you.

    6. By growing a beard you realise your inner secret powers.


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  • If it happens naturally then yes in my opinion they're sexy. Play around with your hair but grow it long enough just to spike it up (only a little) just enough to give it some volume.


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