Is Bald an Unconditional Turn-off?

There was another question, which listed nice hair as a requirement for a guy to be attractive. What do you say?

I'm going to keep this short for a better poll result. Guys are welcome to participate.

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I will award the best answer to guy or girl regardless of opinion. I'm looking for honesty rather than an answer that matches my own opinion.
As you might expect, I'm follicly challenged, bald if you prefer. I hoped to get more responses. Oh well! I wouldn't trade bald for hair any day. I love being bald. However, like anything else, there are the pluses and minuses.
It's true. Some girls just do not like bald and would never date someone bald. If I had to guess, I'd say around one out of every five girls would never go out with someone bald. I'm attractive guy but I've had girls tell me flat out: "I don't like bald"
Some interesting thing I've noticed: of all the girls I've dated for any length of time; not one of their fathers were bald. Generally, girls that are anti-bald are "average to above attractive (6-8 on 1-10 scale)," not saying always - generally.
Girls have said to me "I never thought I'd go out with a bald guy" and "you're good looking but you'd be hot if you weren't bald." LOL! I am never referred to as cute, always handsome, rugged, sexy or umm I don't think so. Girls are strange about bald!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Bald can be attractive, you just need some better assets in other areas like nice eyes and a handsome face. If I went bald I would lose all hope for attractiveness because so many people compliment my hair but hardly anything else. So it just depends.