I can't see very well, and am legally blind even with glasses. I was wondering... can everyone else see?


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  • I'm legally blind without my contacts but with them I still can't see perfectly because I'm supposed to have bifocals. According to my doctor it's getting worse fast and I'm supposed to be completely blind by about 30.

    • I'm so sorry to hear that. :(

    • OMG. That is terrible! I am so sorry!

    • Thanks. I've known for awhile so I'm resigned to it. Feeling bad for myself is only a waste of time and definitely isn't going to change anything. I have about ten years, a lot can change in ten years.


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  • I can see with the assistance of contact lenses. My vision is virtually perfect with the lenses.

    BTW, you said in another post that your vision is getting worse. I know you probably don't want a pity party but I feel so bad for you. Do you feel angry about the state of your vision? How do you deal with it? I am not sure what I'd do if I lost my vision because I value it so much.

    • I am a bit bitter, although it's something I've sort of gotten used to, especially since I've had lousy vision since birth. The worst of it is the thought that I may be alone, which is why I ask questions about if anyone finds my condition appealing in any way. While I desperately want to believe my personality would help me appeal to others, the truth is that I've not been successful in the dating world, and the one long-term relationship I had wasn't the best. Sorry to ramble. :(

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    • That is true, and a wise statement. I guess there's a sense of urgency with me since I have failing eyesight, especially with concerns such as mobility. I know others have overcome this, but sometimes I wonder if I can.

    • You are stronger than you will ever know. I have found this out with some of my own experiences.

      I don't know if you're spiritual or not but I'll ask the Guy upstairs to guide you.

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  • I can see...a little better with my left eye (20/20) than my right eye (20/25), but I can see pretty good.

  • yea, I can see pretty damn well.