Are jockstraps wierd?

I've been wearing them since I was like 14, It fits more comfortable to me. I don't have to change when I go practice, It fits me better and I don't find anything odd in it. Not many people have really pointed it out lol till yesterday when some chick I share "pics" with commented on it and was like do you just wear em all day? Lol Do you find em wierd? Or odd?


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  • I find it a little odd, and you can probably easily get an infection more easily with everything being so... stifled. Sweat and humidity can create a lot of bacteria, and odor. Are you worried about getting hit or bumped there? Or do you just like the support?

    • No lol they are just more comfortable on me than briefs or boxers. Don't know why and odd like wierfd?

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