Actors and Romance, strictly business?

So I just kind of had an interesting pondering after watching an interview for the movie Peter and Vandy...If you have (or you can just imagine if you did) worked on some play or project where you had to be romantic with some1, in thoughts, language, actions and maybe even have hug/kiss scenes etc. did (or would) you feel some kind of emotional connection with that fellow actor to any degree? I mean I was kinda thinking about it and like I would have a hard time keeping it strictly "business", the only way I wouldn't have some mental-emotional attachment would be if I personally disliked the person off the set or for some other reason found them unattractive. thoughts?


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  • These are good questions. I'M very active in plays and mostly musicals. So I go to a performing arts high school , as a musical theater major. Once in one of my acting classes my teacher was talking about how Jennifer Aniston has dated almost all her costars. There's a simple explanation to that. Sometimes actors fall in love with the other actors character. They forget its not real , that the character and the actor aren't the same person.

    • Yea I can see what you mean it think even in freindships/relationships in real life people cna fall in love with an image of some1 that's in their head and who that person really is

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  • Look at hollywood. Why do celebrities jump from current partner to a new partner so often? Furthermore, why do they jump to a new partner that they recently worked with?

    Not saying they all do it, but it happens too much to be just a coincidence.