Why do some people on here have a problem with blonde hair?

Just wondering, since I've noticed it since I signed up here. It comes from the pink users. Dozens of questions asking why "all guys" prefer blondes, and individual comments ranting against girls with blonde hair. Why does this happen?

I do remember blonde hair being the standard of female beauty when I was a kid, but that seems to have changed as I got older. For all the complaining that girls with brown hair do here, it seems like brown hair (or darker hair) is now the standard for female beauty!


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  • Don't know, it's ridiculous to obsess over hair color like that though. 😂


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  • LOL! I have stated that opinion here many times, but I never ranted about it. I actually said it was ironic in that I'm a White person with a good percentage of blondes among my ancestors and current relatives. It just does nothing for me at all, I like the dark types. And by the way, if you look at my age group in my post you would most likely think I belonged to that "back-in-the-day-blondes-rule" mentality, but I have never preferred them - it was the media and Hollywood that pushed that on us, vis a vis Marilyn Monroe etc. I really think men in general have spread-out taste for hair color.


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  • ... blonde hair has NEVER been the standard of beauty. We ALL have DIFFERENT preferences.

    • Do you see what that guy below said? I grew up on the tail-end of that. He's 45+ and he agrees. Commercials, magazines, movies and TV shows pinning up blondes as the pinnacle of female beauty. It seemed to change when I was a teenager towards brunettes. What is your preference?

    • Even back then, there was Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn etc. Those women were easy 10's.

  • My wife, my son , his ex and his wife all have blonde hair.