What do you think of this jacket?

I'm a guy and I tried dyeing my blue levis jacket black. I failed and now it purple.
What do you think of this jacket?
Should I still wear it? Do you like it? I was planning on putting punk patches on it.


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  • Purple looks AWESOME! Plus it's my favourite colour haha

    These steps may help you to get it black if you want..
    1. i.ebayimg.com/.../$_35.JPG get this for the dye. It's pretty good.
    2. Bring a pot full of water (enough to soak your jacket in) to boil.
    3. Tip the water in the laundry sink and add the RIT black dye in the water. Stir it in so it's all combined with the water.
    4. Chuck the jacket in and make sure you completely soak it underneath the water.
    5. Add a cup of salt and stir it in the water with your jacket
    6. Wait for an hour
    7. Chuck it in the washing machine on a cycle (by itself) so any excess dye can come out.

    Punk patches will look awesome!


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  • I actually kind of like that, haha. Go for it!

    You could also just try dying it again, probably safe to do.

  • Sure... why not. =)

  • ooh lol no, unless your usual style is punk...

    try dying it again? with high quality dye...

    • Yea my usually style is punk

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    • Oh yea I do I have patches on my jackets too. Lol

    • That you put on, yourself? Ahhh then do ahead xD

  • I like it quite a bit; it'll look even better once you have patches on it. Wear it.


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