Is curly hair in again? What is too long?

OK I have very curls hair I have grown to love it. But I just need some kind of input from other I'm not tiny and can't pull off really short hair but I afraid guys back away if my hair is too long (just reaches my shoulder blades now, but I want it longer). Any input will help


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  • Bouncy, beautiful curls are definitely back in. Hair with body, shine, and loose curls is great for days when you don't feel like taking forever to use your straight iron on it. As far as product goes, I highly recommend Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls products. The shampoo and conditioner are light and really help curls to separate instead of leaving them a hot, clumped together mess, and the glossing cream by Fekkai will make your curls look glamorous and shiny. These products also protect against frizz and will reflect light to enhance your natural hair. As far as length goes, with naturally curly hair, you always have to grow your hair out a little longer than it looks because, when curly, you lose a bit of length. All the guys I know love long hair, so grow your hair as long as you want. I recommend to the middle of your chest but not below your breasts as curly hair is prone to split ends. So, rock your curly hair, girl!


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  • not at all

    every time a girl has that super curly like crinkly hair, I always tell her don't you know how to straighten hair? or have a straightener? (I always say to a friend and not sound like a douche lol)

    wavy looks good on some girls

    but I prefer straight hair

    • Wow I sounded like a jerk

      but I'm really not tho lol

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  • Woop, a fellow curly! I don't really think the length of your hair effects guys too much tbh, as long as the style suits you. If you loo good with long hair then grow it long. Just make sure it's cut nicely with some good layers, and its regularly trimmed of split ends and looked after then it should be fine.

  • I love curly hair styles. I have naturally straight hair but always wanted to have curly hair so when I have time in the morning, I like to curl it with my flat iron and make it look like a up do of sorts.

  • I don't know how the length of your hair affects the way you look so I'm not going to venture there. However, healthy curls are really nice. Just make sure they are taken care of : appropriate shampoo, conditioner, regular cuts. Avoid slip ends.