Best type/brand snow jacket to buy?

I am from California, but I have moved to upstate New York (where they get crazy snow storms), and I need a good snow jacket! I want one that will really keep me warm, and I am honestly clueless on what brand is the best and what type I should get, lol.

If you could insert pictures, that would be awesome! Thank you!


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  • Eddie Bauer down coat or a high-end wool coat (I prefer wool for dryness reasons but down is maybe warmer). Get knee length or longer. And good boots, yaktrax, hat, and gloves.

    (I'm on the east coast. I know of what I speak, lol.)

    Personally I have a giant Nipon wool coat. It's lasted me 11 winters so far. I love it.


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  • How much do you want to spend? Look at Marmot and Mountain Hardwear or for a little more budget friendly look at LL Bean

  • Canada Goose!

  • You won't last a week in upstate New York if you're from Cali... if you do, you'll hate it so much that you'll want to move back anyway, and you will wind up in a school like usc or ucla something like that

    Anyway, just go out and get one, girls do best, right? Shop

    • Haha, hopefully I will survive. I more than likely would go back to California, but I am on the gymnastics team at my college, that is actually why I moved all the way out here.

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    • If you're om your college gymnastics team then shouldn't you still be in California, where do you go to school for it, is what I'm asking

    • No, I go to college in New York, and I got recruited to be on the team. I was saying that is why I moved all the way over here to NY, otherwise I would be going to a school back in Cali.

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