How to look sexy for men?

How do you look sexy for men but not in a slutty way and what's the best thing to say to a man to get a date how do you know if a guy likes you I'm in real need of help here thanks


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  • I think a good rule is that you can be a little revealing on the top OR the bottom, but not both without crossing into slut territory. So, you could wear a miniskirt and a nice top, or you could wear a shirt with a plunging neckline paired with some jeans or something. Just don't show a lot of leg and cleavage and together because he might think you're easy and just use you.

    To get a date with a guy, I agree that simply being forward with the guy is best. Tell him in no uncertain terms that you want to hang out, see a movie, or go somewhere with HIM. We guys are often dense on picking up no girl-clues, so try not to be too subtle in communicating your interest.

    If he likes you, he'll want to be around you a lot and will pay more attention to you than other girls. He'll remember tiny details from conversations you've had. He might try to touch you playfully or tease you. He might also get nervous when you're around and stutter or say stupid things.


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  • Dress well. Little things are sexy, like the slit down a skirt or a bra strap showing under a top. Though at the end of the day, sexy is all about how you look and you can't make a girl sexy you can only emphisise existing traits of sexuality.

    The best thing to say to a guy to get a date is, "Are you free Saturday?" lol.

    If a guy likes you, he will let you know. He will tell you, or he will hang around you alot, or he will smile at you, or he won't stop staring. Forget how they feel, think how you feel. If you like someone just pay them attention and see if they let you. If its hard to give them attention their not into you. If its easy, they either like you or at least are interested in having you.

    There really isn't anything complex about dating.. its love and continued compatibility that's the bug bear.

  • According to me... wear neat and clean dress. Specially one which reveals ur assets. See if he is trying to make eye contact... if so... go ahead... chat try to get some hint or give him hint. If he is really a duffer ask him directly if he is free for so and so date time lol. All the best for ur hunt. :D

  • Wear what Faith Hill wore in the intro to Sunday night football games. That is very sexy and she doesn't show that much skin.

  • Just be your sweet little self, show him a little attention & get to know him. After a while when you become friends ask him out. Just don't come on too strong than you will look a little clingy. Just take it slow. Oh, & nothing looks beter than a tight pair of jeans.


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