What does "beautiful" really mean ?

okay so ... I was talking to some friends and we realized that " beautiful " has so many meanings ..so I was thinking to ask a big number of people ( mostly guys ) to describe that oh so beautiful girl of their dreams .. is it bleach blond hair and loads of make up .. or a bigger pair of boobs ...or simply natural look ... blah blah ... I'm just interested to know what does this word mean nowadays .. btw girls are welcome to reply too =)


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  • Beauty' is subjective and objective: we all can roughly describe 'beauty' but personal preferences come into play.

    You will get two sets of answers: rough grouping by society and a zillion different answers from whoever answers and their personal take on the 'societal grouping'.

    Of course, I'm assuming that you're talking about physical beauty... there is spiritual beauty and inner beauty, of which physical beauty can only stand up to like a match lighting: bright and flaring at first but a dull glow on burning and eventual extinguishing.


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  • Beauty is not limited to "what's inside" or "whats outside"- though people will commonly not understand the true meaning, but it can always be taken as a compliment. ;D

    Beauty encompasses all traits of the person (while being considered as one).

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  • Beautiful to me is a quality of the heart and not the outside of a person. I've seen many 'beautiful' people that were cruel, vain, disrespectful and those were the ugliest people I've seen. If someone is good looking on the outside and has beauty of the heart, then they are truly the most beautiful.

    I guess what I'm saying is there are two types of beauty: surface beauty and deep beauty. And what we find beautiful is a reflection of our personality and individuality. And it isn't just people we see beauty in. It can be song or art, or scenery. And that too comes from our own hearts.D

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • In my opinion, beautiful is more of an emotional descriptor as opposed to sexy, gorgeous etc.

  • i think it means different in a good way

    like def not slutty or skanky but sexy in a good girl way and yet its different, its not the usual girl you see walking

    well that's my definition of gorgeous and beautiful is lower then gorgeous


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  • Beautiful means "having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see". That means the definition changes based on what the viewer finds aesthetically pleasing.

    Also, that definition can apply to the inside, qualities can mean anything. :)