What to wear hiking?

It's supposed to be in the 70s when I go, low 70s. I don't like to be dressed too warmly for the weather otherwise I get uncomfortable, but I don't want to be cold either. I have plain black ankle-high hiking boots to wear but don't really know about the rest of the outfit.

By the way I want to look hot (in a casual way) since I may be going with guys ;)


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  • Boots are the most important thing but if you have that covered you should be okay. I would say light weight pants or shorts, wicking ones if you have them. If you are trying to show off for guys you may be better in shorts just watch out for ticks. You can get a cheap wicking shirt at Walmart for under $20, that and a sports bra and you should be fine. Also a simple baseball cap can really help keep you comfortable, and keep the sun off of you. Plus that thing girls do with the ponytail out the back of the hat is pretty cute. If you want to invest some money into this a company called “North Face” does some pretty good hiking cloths.

    I am assuming this is a day hike and not a back packing trip.


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  • Dress in layers, it is normally cooler in the morning, so a light jacket, hoodie or sweater, under that a long sleeve T shirt followed by a short sleeve T shirt. You
    Should be fine with jeans to cover your legs and guard against getting scratched by brush, sticks, rocks and stuff. Layering your clothing allows, you to shed a layer at a time as you warm up. Don't worry about cute clothes, you're looking for function.


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  • Well boots are good, you'll need wool socks to wick away sweat. definitely go for athletic leggings if you have any, jeans will be too heavy. Then on top, do you have an atheletic tight long sleeve tee? That would be best. Don't forget a hat!