How to get shiny hair?

I often see girls with very very shiny hair and i just think HOW?

No matter the shampoos/ conditioner i use my hair always seems to look the same way. I have never used hair sprays, gel or things like that, but i would considered it if my hair ended up faboulous if i used it.

So what is these girls secret?

How to get shiny hair?

Well except for professional hair dressers haha...

But people if you have shiny hair, how do you keep it that way?
What do you think helps people to have fresh shiny hair?

I gladly take any recommendation to some type of shampoo/ contidioner or other things which helps the hair :D

Ignore this. Someone posted the same question right before i did lol

So nothing to see here!


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  • Wash your hair every other 5-7 days because believe it your not your hairs natural oils are good for you, and use products that work with your hair type. You hair has to stay well moisturized for that. by the way I love your picture of Tomoko Kuroki on your profile. She's one of the best anime characters ever because it's so easy to relate to her (which is sad but true).

    • I guess i wash my hair sometimes way too much then. I try to wash as much as much possible to be hygenic..

      by the way thanks about the profile pic! Tomoko is just amazing and i agree she is very relateable, probably everyone can relate to her some way or another :)


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  • It's because of oil. You can buy oil sheen spray for your hair to get the effect of black luster hair.

  • My sister told me to apply oil on your hair, leave it overnight and then wash your hair. And don't use heat on your hair

  • I just use oil sheen