How young is too young for sew in extensions?

So for my birthday I want see in extensions. My whole head won't be sewn but in the middle it will. How young do you think is too young for this?


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  • I think women shouldn't use extensions at all. Keep it natural.


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  • I wore extensions one time just because I had girlfriends that wore them. I don't need them but I wear them because I do like to color and bleach. My hair is long and I don't want to ruin it. I think 16 is cool enough to wear them. It depends on how long they are. My sister is 15 1/2 and she has 18''. Its too long for her in my opinion but if my mom allows it then I don't have a say so. I just ordered some 30'' curly extensions. They come on Wednesday :) I'm excited to bleach and color them.

    • Thanks that helped. And I hope you like it.😊


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  • Anything under 13 is too young. Other than that, if you're 13 and over, you should be able to experiment with your look and try different hair styles/colors/lengths.