What underwear is worse? briefs or boxer brief?

recently I have been really annoyed with my boxers because I don't wear hella loose jeans anymore; they are always bunching up and uncomfortable. so I was wondering if girls like briefs or boxer brief better and why?

PS. I have a muscular butt :P (a bonus from what I've read)


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  • Boxer briefs look amazing on a nice butt. =P Are you going to play croquet in them?


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  • I have good news for you Mr. Muscular butt ;P I think what's in the underwear is more important then what underwear you have. So whatever your confident in is fine.

    • Lol so do you condone tightie whities and/or banana hamocks?

    • Ok I draw the line at banana hamocks and tightie whities, but any non disturbing type of underwear is fine =P

  • in my opinion both are completely fine but for your specific issue briefs may be better. they won't bunch up as much. as from a girls point of view it doesn't matter which of the two you wear as long as your not wearing tighty whiteys lol

    • Whats wrong with tighty whities? haha

    • Well good to know haha. yeah tightie whities remind me of like a 7 year old. once your balls drop move on LOL

  • Boxer briefs are the best kind of underwear. I don't know why they look so sexy-maybe it's because they're tight and sexy but still leaving something to the imagination ;)


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