Any girls ever wear micro underwear?

I wear thongs most everyday. I find them to be comfy mainly because there isn't a ton of fabric that can get bunched up, twisted or caught in my cheeks. I was thinking that if I enjoy wearing thongs because of the minimal material whether micro thongs would be even better. I am looking for comments from women who actually enjoy wearing thongs, have you ever tried a micro version and does it retain the same level of comfort? More comfy? Less comfy?


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  • It's rare to come across a girl who prefers thongs for reasons of comfort


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  • Oh no... they're the most uncomfortabe thing I've ever experienced.


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  • I love to go braless and commando. It's even better than micro things or g strings. You should at least try to go like that once and you'll love to go that way forever. It's amazing to feel the breeze caressing your nipples and your vag through your clothes fabric. I love to wear summer dresses or silky blouses with skirts 'cause that way you really feel the breeze as it enters from under your dress or skirt all the way up to your boobs. It's really great and wild to feel it. Lol.

  • You wear thongs so there isn't fabric bunched up in your cheeks... Uhhh

    • Yeah it sounds stupid but the thin strap of a thong in my butt cheeks is more comfortable than a Ton of fabric from say a bikini cut jammed in between my butt cheeks

    • I've never had a problem with wedgies, are you wearing the right size underwear?

    • Yes, it does sound stupid... ha!