Is there such thing as eye modelling?

This is kind of a weird question. And might come across as "c o c k y" , depending how you look at it lol.
I have a really distinct, strange eye colour. I actually used to get bullied for it because it was so different to the kids.
Now that I'm getting older, I constantly get told I should become an "eye model" lol, on a daily basis. Strangers will come up to me and comment on my eyes. I always shoved the thought aside, but now I really wonder if there is such a thing and how to go about it?
thank you:) hope this comes across properly!


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  • omg i haven't seen u around here in forever.

    lol i can kinda relate here, but I'm pretty sure there must be something like that around, since u see it all the time in makeup blogs and stuff. you'd really have to do a lot of research though, and I'm guessing that industry is extremely picky. a tip would be building up a portfolio of your eyes from different angles, both with and without makeup, just like u would with ur whole body, and check out a few places that interest u.

    it'll take some effort but who knows? u could get it! :) good luck =]


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  • I think there are many agencies for that but since the invention of the photoshop , I think they must be hard to find.

    Sorry for asking the topic other than your actual question but you were from Pakistan, am I correct?


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  • Haha No.
    There is face modelling - for makeup... but that usually goes with nail modelling - so you have to have pretty hands and nails - also usually the makeup shot features hair and ears and shoulders and the clavicle...

  • Well hand modeling exist so I don't see why eye modeling wouldn't?

    It probably does but more so when selling make up like eye liner and eye shadow. I don't know.

  • Yes there is eye modeling. I think a model agency helps you to find jobs for the eyes. Okay now I am curious about your eye color.

    • Lol literally I am still confused what colour they are. It's quite frustrating to have to fill out government forms and leave the eye color part blank lol. Best I can say is its greenish orangeish haahhaah.

      & cool thanks !!

    • Oh wow I wish you had uploaded a photo of your eyes.