What do guys want??

what do guys consider attractive physically and mentally? and if a guy doesn't necessarily think a girl is hot will he still give her a chance if they're friends and he likes her personality?


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  • For mentally a girl with good common sense, capable of deep thought/conversation, multi-syllabled vocabulary, humourous and educated. Physically I'd say nice eyes and smile and just an all around nice face (not asking for a model just the nice side of average). Love handles and a tummy are far better than the cardboard cutout girls (ewwww), and long straight hair, depending on the face. Yeah I'd say he'd give her a chance if that's the case. I remember meeting this girl who I really kinda found unattractive, but after I got to know her and liking her more she started seeming far more attractive.


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  • What guys consider attractive mentally and physically? Well, that's a bit of a generalization don't you think? It altogether depends on individual tastes. Just be happy with who you already are, I'm sure you can determine whether or not you look nice and how to change that. The same applies with yourself mentally, if there are things you think you should know, look them up or something. The latter part you mentioned I think IS important. Friendship and personality go a very very long way into helping along a relationship. A girl being hot or not is just really something to draw us guys in, if there's a hot girl who's really ignorant and has an unlikeable personality, there's no chance I'll be near her for very long. Personality counts for most of the attraction between people.


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  • Well, when iv'e seen I'm my school is, physically guys (in general) like an attracive girl, whether it's anattractive face (nice smile, pretty eyes, nice hair)

    or a girl with an attractive body (boobs, hips and a butt).. or a girl with both, obviously.

    For personality, guys usually like a girl with self esteem and an outgoing personality...

    And some guys like the quiet mysterious girls, that keeps them guessing, but it really all depends on the person I guess.

    But I think if the girl has a lot of outgoing personality loves to laugh, and doesn't really care what people think then her, and so on, looks probably don't matter so much, however, if the girl is insecure, low self esteem, intimidating, mean, etc.. then she's probably going to depend on her looks a whole lot more.