guys I was wondering what kind of body type you look for? Does it really matter? Its just that I hate what society is doing to us girls and making us think that all guys like are big boobs and model type body!


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  • It matter some what. For the most part every guy needs to be physically attracted or it's not going to go anywhere. Usual if you have a nice stomach, then your body will look good to most guys.

    link This is a good image for what weight most girls would like to be vs what guys like. BTW, all 3 girls here could easily turn me on.

    Breast size doesn't matter that much as long as you have boobs, and even if you don't, some guys are into that.

    But just as there are girls out there that must have an 8+ incher and a super fit body, there are guys out there that must have a girl with big breast and a thin frame.


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  • Preferences vary from guy to guy. Some guys will like a big butt, others a small but well shaped one. Same happens with boobs.

    I personally don't care much about the butt, as long as it has some sort of shape lol and I like small boobs.

    And of course its not the only thing guys like. For example I would check on a girl's eyes before anything else.


    This is one of the nicest I've ever seen. But obviously normal people aren't held to the same standards

  • depends on the guy... as long as she is slim I'm happy...

  • in a girl's body I like a girl that is slim not skinny and curvy. semi toned legs and arms. nice butt and a c or smaller bra size preferably a b. this would just be the body of my fantasy girl most guys are willing to compinsate on aspects.

    • What would you say ur ideal butt would be. I'm a little selfconsious about my butt because it is big. more muscle than fat thanks to gymnastics.

    • Well then you would be probably be fine. it's kind of hard to explain in words what my ideal butt would be but muscular is always a plus

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