Why shouldn't white girls wear cornrows?

I corn rowed my best friend's hair over the weekend ( she is white) because I wanted us to be twins. People are telling me im self hating because im letting her steal our culture. she's not stealing our culture. She actually loves everything with black culture and she talks about racism a lot and always defends AA when it comes to racist situations. We posted a picture together on Twitter and got all kinds of hate from it, so I deleted it. She wants to take them out now and im sad because people are bullying her for wanting to wear cornrows. a lot of white girls who do wesr cornrows dont hate black people anyway.


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  • Personally, It's not that it's offensive.. It just looks ridonkulous on white people


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  • I agree. I understand the whole being dehumanized for wearing it but when other races wear it its cool thing, but usually white girls who wear cornrows, Afros, etc... Aren't the ones saying the negative things. Most of these white models who wear the hairstyles, headresses, etc... Are just doing a job and aren't responsible for how the magazine editor or whoever words their stuff. So, when a magazine claims something is "new" then that's just a dumb publisher or whoever writes the stuff in magazines. Lmao.. I don't know 😂


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  • Because it makes them look like stupid mudsharks, white girls wearing cornrows is like having a giant sign on your chest that reads "I'm a diseased slut who likes to fuck black guys and my parents didn't raise me right". Self hating whites are the worst type of people.

  • I think they can do whatever they want, but honestly it normally looks awful on white people lol. Stop caring what people say on social media. They just say mean stuff because they have nothing better to do.


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