Turned on by a women in unrevealing clothes?

This question is for the guys in here, Can you get turned on by a women who is not revealing her skin or cleavage? I have seen many women who wear very conservatively and wondered if men can be attracted or turned on by a women in all her clothes in anyway? Or does a women have to show off some skin in order to get a man to notice her?



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  • My first instinct is, what is she hiding and how can I see it?

    This may be a cultural thing, how do men in the East find women in burka's attractive at all? Once ankles where seen as seductive in Europe. Breasts weren't much to look at until corsets were invented. Asian women (started in Japan IIRC) always wore long hair at one point and the nape of a womans neck was erotic

    Could be a bit of a fetish too, hell I don't find feet attractive at all, and stockings just get in the way so why do other men get off on it? There is something about an assertive woman in a pant suit though.

    • So true, I have been told that a man wants to see more of you when you its not visible so it attracts them wanting to get under your clothes more or have fantasies about it.


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  • I don't think that's a problem. Myself, personally, I have found many women who dress conservatively, and found them very attractive. I'm sure you'll get many losers later, answering that 'No! A woman has to be damn near naked to be hot to me!' Ridiculous. Attraction doesn't always have to be what a person sees. I can find a woman very attractive if she has a sexy voice. You can't see speech, lol, and the right kind of voice can really set me off. There's nothing wrong with not showing skin. Period. :)

    • I really like your answer! what's your take on womens conservative clothes tho, what is sexier a women who is all dressed up or when a women in is sweats or jeans and a hoody?

    • It's a toss-up. All forms of dress have potential. It's the confidence, and self-respect that can make a woman sexy in whatever she wears.

  • Oh hell yeah. Truly sexy clothing is sexy because it's highly comfortable and functional.

  • when a girl is my type I can get turned on when she is wearing normal cloths but other than that not as much but it happens occasionally


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