I dressed up today. but didn't get any stares from girls.

granted. there weren't many good looking girls where I was today. I just wanted to see if I would have gotten notice a little more cause I did. do you think it makes a difference in when men dress nicer. or should we leave that to women


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  • just to start off, I bet you looked great! but I think that you should dress up to make yourself feel good and not worry what anyone else thinks, while it is nice to be recognized for how great we may look haha

    secondly, believe it or not, I'm positive that at least 4, if not more girls noticed. were pretty observant so if dressing up was a change for you I'm sure that a couple of girls probably admired you're new style, even if they kept it to themselves


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  • I think if we put extra effort to our appearance, definetely we will get notice, no matter how the people surrounding looks ( I mean the girls). It depends some girls are ego to express their impression on what they see, but anyway somehow you can read from their body language that they actually love it. Good luck.

  • this guy that I like has to dress up for his sports when he has a game. it really doesn't make too much of a difference when he does dress up. he looks nice, but I think he looks just as good in jeans and a tshirt


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