He sorta likes my best friend, but?

This guy has a thing for my best friend but he's really shy so he tells me what to say to her and basically talks a lot about her when he's with me. He makes perverted jokes about her with me which results in both of us cracking up a lot. But lately, I've noticed him looking at me sometimes and I walked past him in the hallway today and he actually gave me a cute smile (he usually never looks at me in the hallways). He also raised his shirt today, looked down at his abs and then looked at me and we both sorta laughed. It also seems like he's over my best friend because he never mentions her anymore. Could all this mean something?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It could mean something, especially if you like him, I've talked to a girl about the girl I like and ended up liking them, I used it as an excuse in middle school even (I would pretend to like someone because it gave a good conversation starter). Give him a week or two if he isn't talking about her then then he probably does like you or at least some one new


What Girls Said 1

  • i could mean that the more he's talking to you the more he's starting to like you more than her. the more he's gotten to talk to you he's not afraid to tell you stuff, meaning he likes being with you and can act like himself since he's shy.