Plastic surgery?

How would you feel about someone who got their whole face remodeled? Cheeks, lips, nose... I really only want a nose job, but I figure why not all. In looks I'm rated about a 6,7, or 8 depending on the day. I think I look terrible, sometimes I look pretty. I look rather bad in photos, way better in the mirror. What I see is not true. I fear I see what I want to see. I want surgery so I look good in both a mirror and photos. What are the chances of a nose job gone wrong? What about other procedures? I've been doing research, I just want some opinions.


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  • I think it would make you seem really insecure. Cosmetic surgery is really addictive so you'd probably keep gettig more and more procedures. Guys don't even like make up so what do you think they're going to think about someone made of silicone? It's better to just embrace your looks and spend the money on therapy or nice make up so you feel condifident, because that's what guys will be attracted to. I don't mean to sound harsh by the way, I just think that natural beauty is the best way to go. I'm sure you look great anway, few people actually need cosmetic surgery.


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  • I have no respect for people who use a surgeon's scalpel to deal with their insecurities.

  • Are you very self-conscious? People who are that tend to look goofy in pictures in my opinion, and that is not because of their physical appearance.


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  • Do w/e makes you happy. But I have seen that heidi from the hills after she had all those things done to her face and she now looks hideous, like a different person. It's scary when people do that. I'd say if you can rate yourself an 7/8 on some days then there is absolutely no need for you to get surgery and it doesn't seem like you're really insecure so I don't know why you'd wanna change your whole face. Lots of people look bad in pictures, why does that matter though? Noone is perfect, I look awful in pictures but I'd rather look bad in pictures and hot in real life than the other way round. There is more to life than looks.