Would this be a safe assumption about my looks or is there anyway to test this? Why or why NOT?

Alright, so more than a few women have said I am attractive facially (IRL and online... hell even guys, no homo tho). At least a few have said I am as good looking if not better than some of the world's top male supermodels (at my maximum potential). I am not a fat neckbeard or ugly. I have a defined jawline and symmetrical features. Plus pretty high cheekbones. I am brown skinned.
SO WOULD IT BE SAFE TO assume that it is the opinion of the majority of women that at my maximum potential I am as attractive as at male models facially (given how it is generally agreed upon as to what is attractive in spite of the subjectivity of looks)?
Or is there a way to test it out? I WOULD try Model Mayhem... but is there a model mayhem out there that accepts selfies lol? Guess not... I will try sending headshots a agencies for teh lulz (no intentions of modelling... software engineering )


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  • No harm in sending a few pics to model agencies


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  • As you say really the only way is to send pics to agencies or attend auditions to see if any of them are interested - No harm in having a try.

  • " is there a way to test it out?" Approach women and see if their eyes light up in awe of your looks #Done